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The Lawyerist, here I cometh

All right, the title of this post is tongue-in-cheek because I would never use cometh in a post, much less in my legal writing.

But I wanted to announce that I’ll be posting fewer articles on Legal Writing Editor in the near future because Lawyerist recently asked me to write a weekly column on legal-writing, language, and usage issues. Lawyerist is one of the best legal websites in the United States, and it “provides advice on law firm marketing, practice management, technology, career development, law school success, legal ethics, and how to start a law practice.”

The decision to slow down my posting on Legal Writing Editor was difficult, but Lawyerist gives me the ability to reach a larger audience. My goal always has been and will continue to be to help as many legal professionals as possible to become better legal writers and editors. So please visit Lawyerist to read my weekly column, which appears every Wednesday.

That said, I continue to work on outside writing projects, which I still will post here. Recently, I published two articles for the Minnesota Lawyer discussing the Supreme Court’s June 28 health-care decision. The first article, Lawrence v. Texas could decide the fate of health care, discussed how Justice Kennedy might decide the case. The second article, Judicial modesty! Judicial activism!, summarizes the decision and gives several takeaways from it.

Please check them out, and thank you for following Legal Writing Editor!

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